Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Summer Activities

As a teacher (part-time) I get summers off. This summer was very busy with my boys. Besides going to the park, the beach, playdates, the library, and the pool, we did several projects to work on my older son's knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, science, etc. I try to do a different theme each week for several reasons. First, I need organization. If I know what topic we will cover that week, I can get the appropriate books from the library, prepare my material, and research the topic if I need to. Second, my son knows what to expect and we can review the material for several days in a row. Last week we did espacio (space). We studied los planetas (planets), el sol (sun), las estrellas (stars), la luna (moon), y los cohetes (rockets).

3-2-1 Despegue (Blast Off)
D is 3 1/2 and very interested in letters so I came up with this activity. First, we sponge painted stars and moons onto a large piece of butcher paper. Second, I taped a large "E" for "estrella", "L" for "luna", and "S" for "sol." Lastly, D glued the corresponding shape with the letter.
We like to decorate the light that hangs over our dining room table. The planets were just made by sponge painting with different colors.

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