Sunday, October 10, 2010


October is fire prevention month and a firetruck will be visiting Diego's school next week. To prepare we made our own firetrucks and read a ton of books from the library.

For Mateo's projects I have to prepare the pieces ahead of time and he sticks them together with his much-loved glue bottle. We talk about the shapes, colors, and sizes of the pieces.

Diego's projects are completely independent. I love to see what comes up with. Unlike Mateo, Diego hates glue and will only use tape.

Finding material in Spanish is always a challenge. I am always thrilled when I come across some free bilingual material like this Fire-Rescue Department Coloring Book from the city of Dallas.


  1. I always love the adorable activities you do! What a cute firetruck. My kids love Clifford el perro bombero. Maybe they have it at your library?

  2. Wow you're an amazing mother! Its so amazing that you are keeping an update on what is happening in your child's class and do your part to make the theme even more effective and educational!

    Tr Izzy


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