Monday, March 7, 2011

Finally Finished!

My boys are HUGE Lego fans. Usually they just play with the bucket of random Lego pieces and build whatever their creative little minds can think up. Diego, however, received a few Lego kits for his birthday and Christmas and we are slowly putting them together. I don't know how many pieces came with this Toy Story Trash Compactor set but it seemed like a million. Well, it is finally finished! Now a question for other Lego fanactics... What do you do with the large sets after you have played with them for a few days? Do you leave them put together on a shelf to admire? Or do you take them apart to put together another day? I'll admit that the latter option gives me a headache just thinking about it.


  1. Wow, this is a big kit! We leave kits assembled for some time, and then disassemble them and put them in the ziplock bags together with instructions. We didn't have such big kits though - that would probably take a plastic box.

  2. They all get mixed into one box. They just don't keep the kits together very long.

    We got that same kit for Christmas.

  3. ah.... the eternal question!!! i used to just mix them all up into a big box and then my son asked me if from now on i could please keep everything separate! i'm still trying to decide how to organize everything.... i recently went through ALL the legos and separated by type of pieces and put into smaller boxes. 2 weeks later it's another scary mess so i'm still wondering! my son has a lego's blog! he just started it


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