Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weren't we going to learn French?

I will admit that our French lessons were non-existent over the summer. Language is very much a use-it or lose-it type of skill so we have had to review a lot of our previously learned material. We are back in the swing of things and I am trying to find fun ways to add a little French into our daily lives. To review some of the vocabulary that we learned at the beginning of the year, I made this simple board game. We use a regular dice and you have to say the name of the object or color in French if you land on it. It is not fancy, I know, but Diego loves to play board games right now so it works for us.


  1. What an awesome idea! What happens if he doesn't remember - he skips a turn?

  2. Cute, simple, and effective - perfect! =)

  3. What a great idea. I'm going to try this with my kids. Thanks!



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