Monday, October 12, 2009

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with.

**** I have added a Mcklinky below if you would like to join us and share your favorite toys. We do a new toy every week so join us for the fun and share the toys your child ACTUALLY plays with this Thursday!

When my first son was born about 4 years ago, my husband and I thought that we needed to buy out Toy's R US on a weekly basis. I am pretty sure that they saw a spike in sales in 2006! With time and a tighter budget, we got smarter and much more particular about the toys that we would buy. Now every time I pick out a toy for the boys I give it the time vs. money test meaning how much time/fun can we get out of this for the price. I came up with the idea for "Toys my children ACTUALLY play with" this rainy (again) afternoon when I asked my son what he would like to play with. The answer, not surprisingly, was his bucket of dinosaurs. We bought this bucket of dinosaurs for about sixteen dollars for D's birthday last December at Toys R US. For the hours and hours and HOURS of playtime this toy has provided, I would definately say that it has been worth the money. Other more expensive toys have been collecting dust on the shelf for months while the dinosaurs have lots of playtime as they migrated to the ocean (our bathtub) or to the great desert (our sandbox.)

With Christmas (a.k.a shopping season) quickly approaching, I thought that it would be fun to share toys that we like (and do not like) with each other. If you want to participate, let me know. I will be posting a different toy each week, at least until Christmas.

1. Comes with 14 dinosaurs of different colors and sizes. (D can name them all! :)
2. Comes with two volcanos which make for good imaginative play.
3. Dinosaurs are very durable. Like I said, they have stood up to water, sand, and the occasional volcanic eruption at our house.
4. The bucket is very handy for keeping the dinosaurs together.
1. The trees fall apart and leave small pieces that little brothers can eat.
2. The mat is made of thin plastic and even though it has not torn, it is very wrinkled.
Overall: I think that for the price, it is a good deal. If you bought that many dinosaurs of the same quality, it would cost you a lot more.
Animal Planet Big Bucket of Dinosaurs -  Toys R Us - Toys"R"Us
Animal Planet Big Bucket of Dinosaurs -  Toys R Us - Toys"R"Us


  1. I love that you are doing this. Please continue. I think it is a great idea:)
    I'd like to participate.

  2. I love that you are doing this as well! I think I'll do a post this week and come add it you the MckLinky!

  3. I think those plastic animals are so worth it. I bought some plastic farm animals and plastic dogs from Beall's Outlet for like $2.99 (for each set) and some zoo animals from Toys R Us for like $9 and my 14 month old plays with them ALL the time. She makes animals noises or just lines them up all together. I will definitely be checking back to see what others have to say about toys. I love reading reviews on Amazon to get others' opinions but this will be better! I will make sure to participate as well. By the way, we are raising our daughter to be bilingual.

  4. Hi Adriana

    This is such a great idea for a post, especially with Christmas coming up. I am very keen to see what fellow bloggers have to share here on your blog. I have never done a Mcklinky before (I can't believe I haven't), but I will try and add the Bright Buttons board game that I recently wrote a blog post about to your post.

  5. This is also a great idea. My boys love to play chef, and cook us meals. So we are looking to get a nice kitchen set for them from Santa this Christmas.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I cannot wait to read the things your kids say on Thursday!!!

    I am a new follower of your now!!!

  6. We have those dinosaurs and I completely agree with you! I'll mention your weekly toy posts in my Top Five Friday post this week! Cool idea to review a toy each week!


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