Sunday, September 13, 2009


Computer issues have kept me from posting pictures so I am way behind on posting. My son is "dinosaurio" crazy so we did a week of dinosaur themed activities a couple of weeks ago.

This was D's favorite activity of the week. He must have made his "volcan" erupt 50 times. This was a super easy activity that I found on multiple websites. Just build your volcano out of play-doh, put a little baking soda in the hole, and add "vinagre" with a dropper.
We made the letter "H" for huesos (bones). I love the letters found on "No Time for Flashcards" but I always have to modify for Spanish words.
After being in hibernation for a couple of months (I rotate toys when they are driving me crazy or he is just not using them) we brought out the dinosaurs for dinosaur week. D had a blast playing with them. Here you see the dinosaurs at "dinosaur school" according to D. My favorite part was seeing D separate the dinosaurs into "carnivoros y herbivoros" without any coaching from me.

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