Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mexican Independence Day-activities

This week we did several crafts and planned to attend some events centered around Mexican Independence Day. Unfortunately the rain pretty much cancelled everything this week. We did go to a short program at our local recreation center and D got to play Loteria for the first time. He loved it. I suspect his favorite part was the giant candy bar that he won. Here are some crafts that we did this week.

First, we made maracas. I found three empty plastic bottles and removed the wrappers. I replaced them with blank pieces of paper. The idea was the D would color and decorate them, but he was just not into that this day so I did most of it.

Next, I had D help me find things to put in the bottles that would make noise. Filling the bottles was definately his favorite part. We put rice in one bottle, dry noodles in the second, and coins in the third. He loved counting the coins and figuring out which ones would fit in the bottle. (Quarters were too big.)

Here are the finished maracas. D refused to let me take anymore pictures of him. He often tells me "No mas fotos mami." Both D and little brother M played with them all week. D invented the game "¿Cuál es la maraca más ruidosa?" (Which maraca is the noisiest?). It was a fun, but loud week.

We drew our inspiration from the book Nos Vamos a México (see post below.) We loved the suns in the folk art drawings and decided to make our own. This was a very raining day so the boys painted in the bath tub. After everything and everyone was clean and dry, I drew and cut out the suns.

This is the wall behind our kitchen table. We usually keep it decorated with our art projects. We also made a giant Mexican flag and D practiced his cutting skills by cutting out the cactus. Viva México!

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