Friday, January 8, 2010

Just like big brother!!

Since Legos are too small for Mateo's little fingers, we bought him Duplos for Christmas. I was busy cleaning the living room but I had to stop check on Mateo since he was TOO quiet. I found him proudly displaying his very own block tower. He looks up at me and say "Ta-da!" He and Diego are going to have SO much fun building together!


  1. Those Duplos are so neat for little hands! I always had them for the little one's in Sunday School. My son had them too, he loved them and eventually moved into legos.

    Selena would have nothing to do with her blocks. She didn't care about towers or anything like that. I should try them again now that she likes Bob the Builder.

  2. they had some awesome duplos advertised on tv this xmas--of course, they did NOT have those sets when the Pea was the right age for them! and, for xmas i got the Princess a set of pink legos (complete with horse!) and we had so much fun together with them! i will have to post soon about our lego adventures again!

  3. I love it - Duplos are extremely popular here, and Anna keeps building and rebuilding her towers.

  4. Usually too quiet in my house means something else. I love Duplos, okay I just love Legos.


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