Friday, January 29, 2010

Más pingüinos

Keeping with our penguin activities we made handprint penguins. The smaller penguin is Diego's hand and the larger one is my hand. We made his first and later when he wanted to decorate mine, he decided that the penguin was upside down and flipped it over. I think that it works either way.

This was a fun penguin counting activity that I found at Bubbles, Balloons, and Blessings. There are a total of 12 printable penguins with the numbers on theirs wings. Diego had to place that number of goldfish crackers on each penguin. Again, Diego insisted on coloring several of the penguins.
Look closely at the blue arrow on Diego's forehead and hands. His Papi drew these for Diego after watching an episode of Avatar (a cartoon) together. I am MUCH pickier than my darling husband as to the shows that I allow Diego to watch. My husband assured me that I would approve of this show and I got to sit down and watch it with them one night and I have to admit that it is a pretty cute show. Diego loved his "tatoos."
I had rented March of the Penguins for the boys since it has a Spanish language track and we are studying penguins this week. I tried to play it twice and no interest whatsoever. Diego sat for a few minutes asked me why the penguins weren't talking. I am going to rent Happy Feet this weekend. I am sure that he will approve of talking, singing, and dancing penguins.


  1. I actually think that upside down penguin does work out best - this is a great idea to make a simple penguin. Anna enjoyed watching Ice Worlds in Planet Earth - it has very similar shots as in March of the Penguins, but talks also about a lot of other things. I personally found March of the Penguins fascinating but rather long.

  2. Funny- all my son's eyes look the same way when he places them on himself! We did painted handprint penguins when he was 11 months and I never ever thought about flipping it are so creative! It looks like a penguin who is jumping for joy :)

  3. Cute! I love how much Diego likes to color!

  4. I love that you did them both ways--they both look great!

  5. Thanks so much for the mention! I love their handprint cute!

  6. Que bueno! I really enjoy your site. You are very creative and I love you ideas.


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