Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sopa de letras/Letter Soup

I caved in and bought Diego a sticker/activity book at the store the other day. The problem that I have with a lot of these books is that either the activities are two easy and Diego spends five seconds putting two stickers on the page and is finished or the activities are too difficult and he gets frustrated and gives up. Since I can not stand to throw ANYTHING away, I am trying to find creative ways to use up this book that I bought. Below is an activity that I made from one of the wordsearches. (Please excuse the art. I made it very quickly while making dinner.) I cut up the lowercase letters from the puzzle and Diego glued them in the bowl of soup. Afterwards, we went on a letter hunt. I have some more ideas for book that I will post later.


  1. that's really cute! i have a ton of scrapbook letter stickers i could use to do this. my daughter has been into making homework activity books for my son! she puts math, reading, dot to dots and mazes! then she helps him do the work and i get to sign it!

  2. Very cute! I also have a similar problem with some workbooks - they go from too easy to too hard in a flash, and then we never really do anything with them. It's a creative way to reuse them.

  3. Great idea. Its also a great way to do a project without having to use ink from your printer!


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