Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This week we have been studying penguins and Antartica. One of our first activities was this step-by-step penguin drawing that I found at Just Playin' Around. Diego is no stranger to doing projects in this manner. He and his father do TONS of Lego activities following the instructions step-by-step. He has gotten so good at these that he can do several that are aimed at five years and older without help. Anyways, this penguin activity was a big hit and he wanted to do it several times.

Here is the first penguin that he drew.

The first penguin was the only black and white penguin. Afterwards, he insisted that he needed more colors. One of my favorite things about keeping this blog is that I am taking pictures and keeping a record of little things that I want to remember but I normally would not. I like to compare how his writing is progressing. Right now he loves to make his "i" very long and he always draws his "g" backwards. He though the "ü" in pingüino was funny looking (I wrote it first for him to copy.) He told me that the "ü" looked like a "happy face." (Yes, he said it in English.)


  1. how cute! I love pinguinos!!!

  2. Wow - Diego did so great - both in drawing and in handwriting. His first penguin is so very playful.

  3. My son is probably too young to copy, but I've got to download that for him to see. He has a budding interest in penguins.

    Do you have/Have you read the book RAinbow Rob? It's about penguins of different colors.

  4. that's so adorable! he's very artistic!

  5. He did a great job! Very cute! And thanks for the link!

  6. Wow - he is great at drawing. I have never even thought to do something like this with Sofie, but will download a couple now. Fantastic idea.


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