Sunday, February 21, 2010

Decoding Secret Messages

We rarely go out to eat. Partly because of the cost and partly because eating out with small children can be more of a chore than a treat. Diego, however, is at an age where he can keep himself pretty occupied with the activities on the children's menus. The other day we went for pizza and the menu included a secret message decoding activity. Diego was thrilled because he often is off on a secret mission or a "secreta missión" as he calls it. The next day I recreated this activity for Diego using words and phrases that he recognizes. Below is the first one that we did. Obviously, I wrote the first line after he told me which letter to write and he took off from there. We have done several more since. (He usually writes his name much more clearly. I think that his artistic interpretation of his name was inspired by the symbols.)


  1. I've seen those secret messages in some workbooks and always felt that it's a little early, but Diego surely did great. It's nice that you made it self-made with limited set of characters, it probably made things easier for him.

  2. Oh my, I bet my boys would love this. I might have to see if I can figure out how to do some.

  3. FYI. If you are looking for French books, I've been perusing the Usborne catalog and noticed they have quite a few.


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