Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Printable Bingo

Today I was not inspired by any of my kids' toys enough to talk about them. I decided instead to share a fun printable BINGO game that I found that we have had a TON of fun playing. A few weeks ago I talked about the game ZINGO that Diego received for Christmas. It continues to be a big hit so I went looking for more Zingo-ish games. I found these printables at DLTK's website. You can choose from several themes (holidays, animales, letters, cartoon caracters, etc.) and customize your own Bingo game. I love the flexibility of this game because you can choose to make it more or less difficult by altering the number of squares on the game card. This would also be wonderful for teaching vocabulary in a second language. I do not have a colored printer so I printed mine in black and white and decorated them with marker.

Here is a Bingo card and the game pieces. We are working on identifying lower case letter so this Valentine's theme game worked perfectly.

I wanted the game boards to last longer so I glued them to a sheet of construction paper. My little helper (Diego) colored the second one. He insisted that the flowers should be blue.

Here is another game with a winter theme that I printed off.
If you posted about a game or toy that you would like to share, feel free to link-up!


  1. Bingo is so fun. I do have a colored printer but I almost always print pictures off and then color them in myself to save money on ink cuz its expensive. Especially because my printer is so annoying and feels like it has to align a cartridge everytime I print something out. Such a waste! Wait...why am I rambling in your comments? lol.

  2. Thanks for the links! I wish I could report on some neat games or toys, but Anna only plays with her Lego or reads her books lately.

  3. I found a really cute French site for you! It is really cute, I wish they had it in Spanish. You can go to any room in the castle and hear the names of every object in French.

    Cute round of Frere Jacques:

    Most of the other activities don't teach any words.

  4. We have not tried any bingo games yet, but I think Savvy would really enjoy them. There are so many possibilities with this. I think I might try and make a bingo game for one of our upcoming themes.


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