Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Puzzle

Diego LOVES puzzles and his little tag-along brother wants to do everything that big brother does. Diego (understandably) gets very frustrated when Mateo steals his pieces and otherwise destroys the puzzle that D is working on. I made this simple heart puzzle for Mateo to do to give his brother some breathing room.

I folded a large piece of paper several times and I cut out hearts of different sizes. I glued the hearts to a piece of cereal box cardboard to make them thicker.

I glued the red paper with cut-out hearts to a piece of pink paper to make the board.

This ended up being pretty easy for Mateo but he did it several times. His favorite game to play was to put it in all of the wrong spots on purpose and ask me "Aquí?" (Here?) until he landed on the right spot.

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