Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Cards

We just started making our Valentine's cards and Diego wanted to make a book. I cut out a large red heart and several small white hearts and stapled them along the back.
(I have no idea why some pictures are right side up and some are sideways since I took them all the same way.)

Here is the front cover. We added "Te quiero" or "I love you!" Diego can already identify this written phrase because I draw a picture and write "Te quiero" on a note in his lunchbox for preschool.

Next I wrote the name of all of our family members on each page and Diego drew their pictures.
Diego told me that you can't see my face because I am looking the other way.
Papi has a large head because he just ate a hot dog.

Mateo. That is his hair above his head. Mateo is very "chiquito" (little).

Our dog Nacho.
We had one page left over so I asked Diego what else he loved. Of course, he said Transformers and robots. I planned to give this card to someone but I am definitely keeping it. We are going to have to make a couple more for the grandparents.


  1. Really cute - Blogger does that to my pictures sometimes too! Grrrr!

  2. Very cute - definitely a keepsake!

  3. es adorable! i've never shown my kids written spanish, but i'm wondering if it would help my daughter who is very resistant to learning spanish. i think it would help her recognize cognate words b/c she certainly doesn't hear them!

  4. This is totally a keeper! It's so sweet that Diego drew pictures of everyone he loves.

  5. Sooo Cute! My camera does that to my pics sometimes

  6. This is so cute and to precious to give away!


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