Monday, May 10, 2010

Early Summer Vacation

This last few weeks we have done very little "school" in our house. If I ever get around to downloading the pictures, I would love to share some fun activities about bugs that were a big hit with the boys.

Summers in Texas are hot, I mean HOT! You can usually go outside for a couple a hours in the morning but by 11:00 it is unbearable. Spring and Fall are just about perfect so we have been spending every free minute outside enjoying it. Here are some pictures that I took of the boys last weekend. (Yes, they are still in their pjs. Doesn't everyone play outside in their pjs.?)

Mateo just learned to climb to the top of slide by himself. His favorite activity to do up there is have Mommy put ALL of his plastic dinosaurs at the top of the slide so that they can slide down. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.
The boys never tire of hunting for ladybugs. We have dozens of them right now. I am still working with Mateo on being gentle with the poor insects. It has got the point where I no longer show him when I find one. I can't have any more deaths on my conscience.

Diego is very gentle with the ladybugs and often asked if he can keep one for a pet. This is a big deal since last year he would not even touch any sort of creepy-crawly.
Mateo is smelling a flower.
Playing with the hose never gets old.
I hate to categorized my kids..... yet. :) But, if I had to I would say that Diego is definitely the intellectual but not athletic one and Mateo will either be a soccer player or a sky diver. I swear that kid would jump off of anything.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. It's great that boys enjoy summer. Anna has been all about play lately too.

  2. Kids...... And we play in our jammies too.
    I was laughing at my brother and sister-in-law, who are visiting from Colorado, and are commenting this is unbelievably hot. I was thinking, it's not that bad......

  3. we play outside in our PJ's often ... mummy included :)

  4. Ooh, we love ladybugs, wish we had more :)

    Thanks for linking up

  5. I have to say we usually seem to play outside in underwear only (we do live in the tropics so it is always hot). And I have one like yours who is definitely a daredevil.


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