Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of Year Show

I can not believe that Diego's first year of preschool is coming to an end this week. I remember dropping him off the first day in September covered in tears. (Me, not him. He was fine. I was a wreck.) He has grown up and matured so much during this school year. He went from a relatively shy child to dancing and singing in the school program. (Ok, so he mostly smiled and swayed back and forth but a year ago he would never have even stood in front of a crowd.) He has learned to write and is beginning to read. He has developed the best since of humor and has made lots of friends. He has also made me very proud by behaving at school and receiving all green lights. (Well, there was that one yellow light.)

This is a picture before his End of the Year Show. He did wonderfully and we planned to go for ice cream afterwards but he fell a sleep in the car. He did get his ice cream the next day.
Congratulations on completing your first year of school Diego. We love you!


  1. So cute! I can definitely tell you're a proud momma and you have every right to be.

  2. Congratulations to your son!

  3. Love this post - I also feel very strongly about Anna's first year that ends today. Homeschooling is really not an only answer to raising bright and successful children :)


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