Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zoo school

Besides attending Preschool two days a week, Diego has also gone to a three hour a week class at our local zoo. The first time he attended these classes he was three and a couple of months. His English was pretty much non-existent but I thought since he was virtually immersed in Spanish 24 hours a day that this would be a fun way for him to learn some English. Diego is my cautious child and while he loves to go to the zoo, he has always been a bit leary of animals. I also hoped that this class would help relieve some of his fear as well.

Well it turned out that he loved the class so we signed him up again this past Spring. I was absolutely amazed at how much he learned. Since between the two of us we only speak Spanish, it was fascinating to watch him translate what he had learned in English to explain it to me in Spanish. At times he was at a loss for a word so he would have to ask me how do you say, for example, "compost" in Spanish. His wonderful teacher would tell me that he stayed next to her all of the time because he had so many questions to ask her- in English! Since I hardly ever hear him speaking English I was shocked that he not only had the vocabulary to ask the questions but also felt that comfortable speaking English with her to ask the questions in the first place. I am dying to stay for a whole class next time so that I hear for myself.

It was a wonderful experience and we would like to say, "¡Gracias Miss Wendy!"

That is a picture of a gorila (not Miss Wendy.) :)


  1. I like the ant in the gorilla picture! I've heard about zoo classes on a couple of other blogs and they sound really cool. Our zoo doesn't have them, which might be just as well since it's not very close to our house...

  2. Love the pictures - Diego is getting to be quite an artist. It's great that you have a zoo so close - we are positively not driving an hour for classes :)


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