Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am pretty frugal. Ok, my husband calls me cheap. I try to spend as little money on everything that I possibly can. But something has been bothering me lately. I have been reading a lot about the pesticides in our produce. Since I try to get the boys to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, I was more than a little disturbed to learn that despite my cleaning and scrubbing, the pesticides still remained in a lot of the food that they eat on a daily basis.

I always dismissed "organic" as another ploy to make me spend more of my hard-earned money on food (a bill that I struggle to keep down.) Last weekend I visited a Whole Foods store for the second time in my life and purchased organic apples and strawberries. From my research I learned that the only fruit and vegetables that are worth buying organic are those that you eat the skin. It is a small step but I feel good about it since the boys eat apples and strawberries every day. I did roll my eyes as a walked by the $5 organic cookie. I'm not ready for that.


  1. I roll my eyes at that a lot too. One of my friends ate organic for a long time due to her husband's illness and dietary restrictions and she said she did feel better when eating it. But then I see that organic food is often the ones that are getting the health warnings about _______ fruit/vegetable has this problem because of the ecoli or whatever.....

  2. we are trying to make the switch, too! have you read animal, vegetable mineral by barbara kingsolver? it's really good! she gives some suggestions on how to buy organic on a budget, too!

  3. We won't spend much on organic foods either. But Spinach and Strawberries I've heard has the most pesticides to worry about, so we too stick to just a few of the worst offenders!

  4. We are contemplating switch to organic for some of the foods we eat. We are lucky not to have any dietary issues, but we only have one health, and it would be nice to keep it for as long as possible :)

  5. Adriana, I am very into this lately. I m also very frugal and try to buy the cheapest but I'm learning it isn't going to get me anywhere I want me and my family to be! Even if it's more expensive, organic is going to be 100 times better for us. Congrats on your little step! I have to make little steps too. I'm reading this book:

    I really recommend it!!

  6. I love Whole Foods. I buy organic dairy and eggs all the time. Also, most of our produce is organic. I often worry that someday I'll find out that it was all a waste of money, but I'm one of those people who worries too much. I can't stand the thought of pesticides and chemicals in my food. We spend a ridiculous amount of money on food.


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