Saturday, May 15, 2010

What my child is reading...

Here are the favorites of the past two weeks:
Madeline (the Spanish Edition.) I chose this book from the library because I remember it being one of my favorites as a kid. To be honest, I couldn't remember what it was about and reading it didn't really jog my memory either. The big shock was how much the boys enjoyed the book and requested it almost daily. Diego was fascinated with the little girl who was not afraid of anything and had a ton of questions about your appendix and hospitals. I think that our discussions from this book definitely increased his vocabulary from scars, to nuns, to crutches, to the Eiffel Tower. It also gave me an opportunity to talk a little about how Madeline lived in Paris and how they speak French in France.

La Gran Rana Bocona We actually own this book and I am not sure who likes it more, the kids or I. It is just hilarious and I must say that I have the voices of the various animals down. :) This proud big-mouthed frog goes around asking all of the other animals who they are and what they eat. Finally, he meets up with a crocodile that states that he eats big-mouthed frogs. It looks like there is an English version also called the "Wide-mouthed Frog."
Big Wide-mouthed Frog- La Gran Rana Bocona (Spanish Edition)

Messy Bessy We have started a new tradition at the library where I let Diego choose one book in English. We usually go straight to the Spanish section which is quite a bit smaller so I think that he was a little overwhelmed with all of the choices. He ended up just grabbing a book without really looking at it but it ended up being a big hit with both of the boys. Mateo called himself "Messy Atis" for a few days afterwards.

It is a very simple story about a little girl who has a filthy room and has to clean it up. The vocabulary was simple enough that the boys could understand with minimal translation on my part. Whenever we read in English I stop more often to check for understanding and ask questions. The only issue I had with the book was that Bessy threw all of her toys, games, and clothes in her closet and called it "cleaning up." The pictures even showed it overflowing out of the door. I did give us an opportunity to talk about how to properly put thing away.
Messy Bessey (A Rookie Reader)

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  1. we had to do a translation project in college and i chose madeleine! it was tough! there's a lot of higher level vocabulary in there!

  2. I always loved the Madeline books. Messy Bessy sounds like a very good book, I will have to look for it!

  3. Thanks for joining WMCIR. We also read Madeline book this week, but unfortunately Anna was not impressed and neither was I. Maybe I should have spent more time trying to master my enthusiasm for it, but I didn't care for illustrations. It's too bad, because we plan to "visit" France next on our country hop, and I was hoping to build on Madeline.

  4. Does the Madeline text rhyme in spanish, too? I'd love to see a copy of that! Did you find it at your library?


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