Monday, December 28, 2009

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with.

The boys received a TON of cool toys and games for Christmas and for Diego's birthday. I think that I have plenty of material to keep the Toys my children ACTUALLY play with posts going for a few more weeks. :)

I asked for help with choosing games for preschoolers a couple of months ago and Danita From The Land of Pleasant Living wrote an awesome post about her children's favorite board games. Following her recommendation we purchased the game Zingo and we all LOVE it. It is recommended for four years old and up. Basically each player gets a card and similar to Bingo they must try to match up the tokens to the items on their cards. Each token and card shows a picture of the object and the written word. I like this feature because both pre-readers and readers can play together. I think that I will use this game in the future to practice sight words in English. Which brings me to my last point. This is an easy game to play in Spanish or any other language if you just call out the objects in that language. For example, when we play and I have a cat on my card I call out "gato." This would work for any bilingual family to practice vocabulary in your second language while having fun.

ThinkFun Zingo

Do you have some toys or gifts that your child received that you would like to share? Here's the MckLinkey. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with your families!


  1. It sounds like a fun game - I think I also heard about it before once. I am looking forward to more reviews in this linky.

  2. oooh that game sounds REALLY fun! We are enjoying Don't Break the Ice, Hi Ho Cherry-o, connect four, and hungry hungry hippos.

  3. I just started a post about some of the games the kids got for Christmas, so I'll finish it up and link up here later. I've heard lots of good things about Zingo, but we have a few Bingo games so haven't gotten that one.

  4. It looks like a fun game! We're always looking for more board games!

  5. We got the Marvel superheroes version of that game.
    I'm hoping to get a post written and up tomorrow of our Christmas presents, but......... I'm keeping my fingers crossed it happens.

  6. This sounds like a interesting game. I will have to see if I can find it.

    I have an award on my blog for you!

  7. Hmmm..... I'm having problems with McLinky. Here's my post:

  8. Recently, I have been on the lookout for games for Savvy to play. We have started playing Connect Four and she really enjoys this.

    Thanks for your recommendation for Zingo.

    Happy new year to you and your family. I hope 2010 is a year that you will always look back on with fond memories.

  9. My kids are older but we still play a ton of games. We got some expansion pieces for Khet. We love that one.


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