Friday, March 26, 2010


One of my favorite traditions that my husband brought to our family was "cascarones." This Mexican tradition adds a fun addition to the boiled and plastic eggs that my family has always hunted on Easter morning.

We eat a lot of eggs at our house but we still have to start this process many weeks before Easter. Make a hole in the top of the egg and empty out the yolk. Clean the egg out with hot water and let is dry out completely.
Color the eggs with Easter egg dye.

Fill the eggs with confetti.

With a little glue, stick a piece of tissue paper over the hole to seal it.
On Easter morning we will collect these with our other eggs and then break them over each others' heads. :)


  1. yes! Kids (and adults too) love those! So fun! They are really popular in san antonio for the whole month of april for Easter and then Fiesta. I've never made any though. How many do you guys make? They sure do disappear fast!=) Thanks for the tutorial on how to make them!

  2. This is so funny! I didn't know about it!

    BTW: Thanks for your last comment, it got deleted cause I was messing around with the comments section! It's back to normal now.

  3. They are so popular around here too! I've never made one before though. The Spanish Catholic church sells them for like $1 each!

  4. I've never heard about them before - sounds like a fun tradition. It's great that you are preparing so well in advance.

  5. I've never made them but some of my family make them occasionally for easter and the confetti always ends up on everyone's head and lots of laughs. But definately a Mexican tradition around this time of year. I remember going to Mexico when I was a child at this time of year and getting them cracked on my head at the plaza every evening. If you got one cracked that ment the boy who did it liked you:)

  6. I bet this generates lots of laughs! ;-)

  7. Fun idea. My kids would love that.

  8. I am so glad I am not the only one that makes those. My husband's family (all gringos)thought I was a little crazy when I asked them to clean out egg shells for me that we would later dye and then fill with confetti, so we could then smash them on each others heads. Well, we did it...smash them that is, but on the ground. It's a start. And the kids had a blast.


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