Thursday, March 25, 2010


Now that our weather is improving, we have started working on our garden. Last year Diego and I put in a small garden with carrots, zucchini, beans, and marigolds. We had a bit of success but it was mostly a learning and fun project for the two of us to do together. Mateo was not invited to help last year because he just wanted to eat the dirt.

This year since both boys are helping we have doubled the size of the garden. We have plans to go to the store this weekend to buy some more dirt and seeds. For now we are just playing in the dirt (mud) and looking for "gusanos." My boys can not get enough of looking for worms! Last year Diego refused to touch them but this year he filled he bucket up with the creepy-crawlies. Mateo, who is eager to do anything that his big brother is doing, started collecting them right away. Diego wanted to take them inside to be his new pets but I convinced him that they (and I) would be much happier if they were outside.

Mateo is showing me a "gusano."
Mateo is feeding his worm grass.


  1. Your garden looks promising. Anna will touch something from the bug kingdom only if I touch it first :)

  2. Oh come on mom, we all need worms as pets! Selena isn't afraid of any creepy crawly thing and is already asking where her pet spiders are from last summer, she is watching for them to reapear in the windows any day. So long as they are on the outside, that is fine with me!

    Your garden will be so nice when you finish it!

  3. Yay! Digging in the dirt, spring, worms, all much loved things here too. Crumpet likes to feed the worms grass too - he tried it with a (teeny tiny) snake yesterday and it flipped out and jumped at him because it thought it was being attacked. I flipped out because as far as I'm concerned, all Georgia snakes are poisonous. We will not be feeding any more snakes. But worms, no problem!

  4. Mis chicos y yo tenemos en agenda hacer un huerto casero en casa con mi mama. Desafortunadamente, yo no se nada de sembrar. Pero con ello voy a aprender. Ya comenzamos a ayudar a mi mama a su huerto casero. Esta es una de esas cosas que necesitas hacer para SERTIRTE REALIZADA. Es una de mis metas. Gracias por compartir esas fotos. Me dan animo!
    Abrazos desde PR


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