Monday, March 1, 2010

Spanish product reviews

I have received so much advice and suggestions from my fellow bloggers as we have begun our journey to learn French and become a trilingual family. I would like to return the favor by sharing some of our favorite Spanish language books, CD's, DVD's, and toys. My plan is to mention one or two a week.

I have meant to write a post about this product since I won it back in December from Wanna Jugar with Migo. I had planned to save it as a Christmas present but Diego saw it so we opened up early.
Product: A children's CD and song book called Rimas y más Rimas by Susy Dorn.

Who I would recommend it to: Beginners to Native Speakers

Why we love it: The CD is made up of short, silly, rhyming songs. The phrases are repeated several times. Some children's music is difficult (annoying) for adults to listen to, but I have to admit that I walked around singing these songs as much as Diego did. If you are a beginning Spanish student, you would benefit by the simple, repetitive vocabulary and pronunciation practice with the rhyming words. The song book that come with it will help you will any unfamiliar words. If you are a native speaker, you will enjoy the funny stories and lovely voice of the singer. Diego requested to listen to "Ratón Ramón" for EVERY car trip that we took for a month. I plan to buy another CD from this artist soon.


  1. It sounds like something we would love! I am going to look into getting it :)


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