Sunday, March 7, 2010

Películas y Palomitas

I am not a big fan of my kids watching t.v. I try to limit it as much as possible. Yes, I agree that there are some good children's programing but I have a couple of problems with television shows. First, the commercials. Children's shows are just full of enticing products that make me have to hear "I want that" or my favorite "I NEED that" for days after. I am just not ready for my four year old to be trying to keep up with the latest trends. Second, we prefer that when the boys to watch television, that it is in Spanish. They are hearing more and more English from outside of the house so we want to maintain the Spanish as the language inside of the house.

Although I still very much limit the screen time, my solution to this problem is DVR and DVD's. If you are looking for some preschool programs in Spanish, check out Univision on Saturday mornings. They have Pocoyo, Dora, and Go Diego Go ALL in Spanish. I record them to watch during the week and we can just fast forward through the commercials.

On Friday evenings we have implented Películas y Palomitas (Movies and Popcorn) int he playroom where Diego gets to pick a DVD and we all cuddle up to watch a movie with some popcorn. Diego will watch the entire movie but Mateo just watches for a few minutes and then goes and plays.

I snapped this picture of them watching a movie last Friday.


  1. I know what you mean about the commercials, but that's why I like Dora on Nick Jr. because there are no commercials interrupting the show. I have also read that its confusing for young children who are watching a tv show to get interrupted by a sales pitch and then to return to the original show. Supposedly, they don't see it as one continuous story. I also keep to the TiVo and DVDs for my daughter to watch TV. I'm not against TV for my daughter because everything is good in moderation and also she does learn things from it. I remember movie time when I was little, I'm sure your boys will love it.

  2. We only let Crumpet watch Nick Jr. because there are no commercials. When we move in a couple of months, I'm hoping to bring only one t.v. which will stay in the adult bedroom, and scale back to basic cable. Crumpet will only watch videos from the library and netflix. I would really like him to learn to fill his time more creatively than by begging to watch "kid shows". My husband is more of a t.v. addict than I am, so he's not thrilled, but he starting to come around to the idea! wish me luck!

  3. I'm with you on the annoying ads. Sadly, we still watch more than I'd prefer, but we stick with mainly PBS, that takes away the ads.
    And watching Diego in Spanish would probably take away one of my main complaints about the show. No one I know who is a native Spanish speaker randomly says things in Spanish like that. It drives me nuts. Of course, I'd need to be a bit more fluent in Spanish than I currently am for that to work.....

  4. Good idea, we try to stick to tv mainly at night so my son keeps asking for the moon to come out so he can watch dvr'd curious george and caillou from pbs. We are doing some English tv right now so he can learn some English before he starts preschool because prior to this he has only heard Spanish and only speaks Spanish. Anyway we also used to watch the Spanish cartoons on Saturdays. They also have good ones on Telefutura and occasionally on Telemundo on Saturdays.

  5. I am absolutely with you on TV. We don't get premium cable, so we only watch recorded PBS or DVD. In fact, the only (recorded) show that Anna wants to watch is Sid the Science Kid.

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  7. This is so cute!! I love the idea of having one day of the week to do that. Adrian always asks to watch tv no matter the time of the day and it is hard to limit it. We do the dvr and I record a lot of spanish shows in VeMe and Discovery Familia but I haven't noticed Univision o Sat mornings. I will check it out! Thanks for the ideas!


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