Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feliz Día de Padres

I found this great idea at Handprint and Footprint Art. Seriously, if you are looking for a handmade gift to make with your little one, check out her website.

We have been reading tons of books about the ocean and fish. Diego's favorite fish is definitely the clown fish. He is fascinated how the anemone stings everyone else but does not hurt the clown fish.

I tried to make our Father's Day's card fish look like clown fish using orange, white, and black. I was amazed at how well the boys sat still while I painted their hands -especially my squirmy Mateo. I think that Papi will love it!

Feliz Día de Padres!


  1. Great art! I am sure that papi will love it. Happy Father's Day!

  2. just wanted to say I think you are a great mom to come up with all these ideas and activities for your kids...I find a lot of them but have a hard time putting them into action!

  3. Those turned out so cute! Thanks for the link :) Do you know of any cute Poems for Papa or about Papa? I have been searching for some but all of them say Daddy or refer to Papa as Granpa. Thanks ahead of time!

  4. Precious. What a special keepsake for Papi.


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