Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Bilingual Father's Day

My parents do not speak Spanish. My husband's parents do not speak English. Thankfully this does not present a problem for my sons since they are bilingual. Living in the US, we knew that the boys would learn English so we have focused mostly on Spanish in our household. This presented the unusual problem that Diego could not communicate with my parents (without me translating) for the first three years of his life. Well, Diego absolutely adores both his Papa (grandpa) and his Abuelo so we sent them both a Father's Day card. Diego dictated as I wrote. I am amazed that he fully understands which language goes with which person and can turn them off and on as needed. Here are the two cards that we sent. On the back of each card Diego drew several games of tic-tac-toe so that he can play with the grandpas the next time he sees them. :)


  1. I always enjoy seeing Diego's pictures and always amazed at his bilingual fluency. I bet his grandfathers will love receiving their special cards.

  2. I love how he wrote the tic tac toe boards again.


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