Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer "School"

Our summer calendar is already filled up with park playdates, library storytimes, and a couple of trips out of town. Since we will be so busy, I decided to keep it simple and concentrate on one theme for our summer learning. We will still check out books on anything and everything under the sun but for the most part we will be learning about the......


One of our trips next month (that I will talk about tomorrow) is part of the inspiration for our summer theme. I am so excited for the boys to learn about the ocean and then get some hands-on experience.

When I pick a theme to work on I always do two things. First, I get on our libraries website and reserve every book in Spanish that they have on the subject. Second, I search my favorite learning websites for activities about our topic. Below are some of the links to printables that we plan on doing over the next couple of months. I also have a ton of crafts and other fun activities planned that I hope to share.

Ocean Math

Spanish Letters

Coloring Pages
1. Orca
2. Manatí



  1. I was just contemplating that maybe I should focus on one theme for a month or so rather than just hoping around like mad. So it's all dinosaurs here :) Thanks for pulling all those great links - I am saving this post in my Evernote :)


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