Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Painting the ocean

As part of our ocean unit this summer, we are creating an ocean scene in the playroom with all of the animals that we are learning about. The first step was to create an ocean background. I do not have a large piece of blue paper and the budget for materials is tight right now so we made our own by painting a large roll of brown paper.

We haven't painted in quite a while and the boys were very excited.

Mateo reminded why we paint OUTSIDE!

We had planned to paint the bottom of the ocean yellow for the sand, but the boys decided to add their own touch and put their hand prints in the "sand." I like their idea much better and there was no way that we were going to paint over those precious hands.

When we were done we celebrated with "paletas." Diego, as usual, inhaled his in five seconds. Mateo generously shared his with his brother. Great afternoon!


  1. I love your ocean painting, and the handprints are the perfect touch!

  2. Neat idea! We may do to the same. My son would love doing research on the ocean. And SOOOOO appropriate right now with all that is happening in the gulf.

  3. Anna always calls ice pops paletas because of the book we read. Your ocean theme is certainly going to be a hit!


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