Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farm living is the life for me.....

Recently Mateo and I had a rare, just the two of us, excursion. We were invited to a birthday party at a farm. We had a great time together and it was fun to spend some one-on-one time with him.

He spent much of the morning following around this farm dog. This kid is quite an animal lover.

He got to explore a wooden train.

And.... he rode a pony for the first time. He did not want to at first but when it was time to get off, he started yelling "MAS, MAS."


  1. I used to love watching that show. Love the picture of the wooden train, that looks like fun.

  2. That fame looks great! I love getting one-on-one time with my kids...

  3. How fun - I especially liked the pony picture. Obviously it was taken when Mateo was not entirely sure about this ride :)


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