Thursday, April 22, 2010

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with- TRIO

It is no secret that my boys love to build. We have many different types of building toys that get rotated through the toy cycle. Diego received a box of Fisher Price TRIO building blocks shortly after his birthday. He enjoyed them a lot but they got put back in the closet and forgotten about for the last couple of months. Well, he spotted them last week and they have been used daily ever since.

Here is the picture of the airplane/helicopter that you can make with our set if you follow the directions.

Fisher-Price Trio Airport

Pros: Great for imaginitive play. (See pictures below.) Diego has created bugs, dinosaurs, robots, planes, a castle, and even a jail.
Great for practicing following directions. The directions for making the items above are easy to follow and Diego can do it by himself. (Although he usually creates his own.)

Cons: The pieces assemble fairly easily except for the blue rods. I remember when Diego first played with this toy a few months ago he would get frustrated because you need quite a bit of strength to insert the blue rods. He now seems to have no problem with assembly.

Overall: This a great addition to our collection of building materials and keeps the boys very busy while I cook dinner. The recommended age is 4-7 and I would agree that four would be the minimum age to be able to assemble the parts.

Here are some of Diego's creations (the middle one is a camel, so I was told:)


  1. My parents got Trio Bugs for Anna last August when we visited them. At that time she had no ability to snap some of the pieces together, and it frustrated her to no end. We left it in NJ, but maybe next time she visits, she will have more luck playing with them. She now builds a lot with regular Lego - it's her favorite right now.

  2. I heard about these from Natalie, but from her experience with Anna, I haven't looked for any for Selena. I might just have to see if I can find a small set for her, now that she is more interested in building.

  3. I have looked at these and looked at these, but never quite bought them. They remind me a lot of the unifix cubes I have from teaching.


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