Monday, April 12, 2010

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with- Sharing

I do not get to see my sister and niece as often as I would like but we try to get together at least every two to three months. My boys and their cousin most recently enjoyed playing together over Spring Break. One of the most exciting parts about visiting someone else's house is getting to play with someone else's toys. My kids have WAY too many toys but nothing is never as interesting as something new and different. To avoid having to buy many more toys, my sister and I have started swapping toys every time we get together. Diego will pick out four or five items that he is willing to part with and we bring them with us. My niece then trades them for roughly the same amount of toys. This works especially well with board games and puzzles. (There is only so many times that you can do the same puzzle.)

The picture below is Diego putting together a Melissa and Doug castle puzzle that we brought back from our trip. He would never have picked it out at the store for himself since it is "para niñas), but since it belonged to his cousin, it was acceptable.

If you have written a post (new or old) about a toy that your child loves to play with and you would like to share, please link it up below.


  1. This is a great tradition - and also a way to reduce the number of toys just sitting around without use. Diego is great with puzzles - this is one thing that Anna has no interest in whatsoever.

  2. I really like this idea, I am going to try and link up next week.


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