Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally Painting..... or not!

I sometimes feel guilty because I avoid some projects because it is so hard to do somethings while juggling two kids. Especially if one of those kids is Mateo, who is always going 90 miles per hour. One day while Mateo was napping I pulled out the paints since we haven't painted in a long time. Here is Diego concentrating very hard...... for about two minutes.

He decided that he didn't want to paint and asked for his markers instead. He drew a great picture of a pirate ship and, to my surprise, wanted to pose for a picture with it. I guess I didn't need to feel guily after all.


  1. This happens to me a lot. I decide to break down and pull out the messy stuff only to have Selena decide she isn't interested! Kids!

  2. he is so artistic! look at the details!

  3. Mom guilt huh? =) no worries, his drawing is awesome.

  4. He certainly knows what he likes. I bet he does a lot of painting in his preschool, so he might just choose what he likes at home.


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