Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spanish product reviews

We were lucky enough to recently win the CD Sing-a-Lingo from one of my favorite Spanish learning blogs, Wanna Jugar Withmigo.

We have amassed a large collection of children's music CD's in Spanish because I like to surround the boys with Spanish music while they are playing in the house or riding in the car. It is another great way to expose them to more Spanish speakers with different dialects and vocabulary. We also enjoy it just because we like to sing and dance.

Who would I recommend it to: This is a great CD for beginning Spanish students (both children and adults.) The words are very clear and repeated several times. Each song has a theme (such as washing your hands or setting the table) to teach relevent vocabulary and phrases. There is a translated version of the songs included for non Spanish-speaking parents.

Why we love it: Since we speak Spanish at home, the vocabulary was easy for my sons to understand. We still enjoy listening to this CD because the songs are so darn catchy. You can't help but sing along. Our favorite song is Marcha (March). This song teaches commands by having the kids march, jump, run, walk, and dance. I just wish they would put out a French CD too!!


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