Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Diego and I recently had a date to go see the 3D movie "How to Train Your Dragon." I mistakenly told him about the trip about a week before and he asked me constantly when we were going. Finally the day before I told him that we were going "mañana." He asked me, as he often does, "Es hoy, mañana?" (Is today, tomorrow?) Well the day finally arrived and we headed to the theatre. It was Diego's first 3D experience and my first time if you don't count the old paper blue and red glasses that they used when I was a kid. He wouldn't keep the glasses on so he watch the most of the movie blurry. The special effects were awesome but there are some intense parts that might scare some sensitive kids. He and I had a great time and I know that he enjoyed the movie because he asked if they would let us watch it again "ahora mismo" (right now.)


  1. I keep hearing about this movie, but I don't think it's going to "fly" here. It's awesome that Diego enjoyed it so much.

  2. We have that same dragon toy, I might suggest that to my kids who after watching the movie are clamoring for their own pet dragons......

  3. We recently watched a 3D science movie about dinosaurs and Crumpet watched it without the glasses. I kept peeking out of my glasses to see what he's seeing, and it's just not as much fun.. OH well. Thanks for the review of the movie - I've been wondering about taking Crumpet. He tends to be pretty brave but I"d hate to pay $13 and have to leave!...

  4. that's so funny! my pea asks me the same thing--is today tomorrow? see? humor does transcend language!


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