Monday, October 19, 2009

Camión de Bomberos

After our trip to the firestation, D wanted to make a firetruck. I found some inspiration here from Susana at My family, My forever and their fire safety week study. The ladder is made out of a cut-up drinking straw. D came up with the idea of using the foam stickers as lights and sirens and aluminum foil for the "partes brillantes" (shiny parts.) Very clever. I wanted to add a fireman and hose but D was done. Maybe another day. :)
Spanish vocabulary below.

firetruck- el camión de bomberos
firemen- los bomberos
ladder- la escalera
siren- la sirena
fire- el incendio


  1. We made one last week:-), but we did not use a straw or foam pieces. We just used construction paper. So, it may not have been us. We had so much fun studying fire safety last week.

    I love your firetruck and the creativity of the straw too! Great idea!!

  2. Thank you Susana! I updated the post!


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