I hate it when I buy a toy for my boys (especially if it cost a lot), it gets 5 minutes of playtime and then it is another dust collector in our toy room. If you did not see my post last week Toys my children ACTUALLY play with, I reviewed one of my son’s favorite toys. I have received a lot of positive feedback and requests to participate so I have decided to make this a weekly post through Christmas on THURSDAY. This THURSDAY(and each THURSDAY after that) I will review one or more of my son’s favorite toys and open up a MckLinkey for anyone who wants to join in. Here is how you can participate.

1. Blog about your child’s favorite toy or toys and give an honest opinion about it. If you will notice in my post last week I talked about not only the pros but also the cons of that toy. If you missed them last week, The Activity Mom did a wonderful post here about several of her son’s favorites and Elise at Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds wrote a post here about a board game that I have never heard of but will now look for.

2. Link your blog up to my MckLinkey so that we can shared ideas and maybe help each other out on our Christmas shopping.

3. Post or Email questions about toys that you do NOT own but are considering buying so that we can look for someone to give you a review of it. For example, I have two little boys so it is very hard for me to decide what to buy my five year old niece. I would love some suggestions.