Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What my child is reading...

Our favorite book of the week was Mariposa Mariposa (Butterfly Butterfly). I could not find a picture of this book on Amazon but you can find it here. It is a very simple and colorful book about a little girl who finds and then loses a butterfly. While she is looking for the butterfly she finds other creepy crawlers (un gusano (worm), un escarabajo (beetle), etc.) This is an excellent book to learn the vocabulary of bugs and colors. All Spanish.

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We have checked Si Llevas un Ratón a la Escuela out from the library several times. D grabbed it again on the way out this week. We love all of the books in this series and as I am sure you know, they are available in English. D's favorite part of this book is when the mouse makes a mouse house out of blocks and furniture out of play-doh. I caught D making little chairs while playing with his play-doh this week.

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El Primer Halloween de Clifford. Clifford and Halloween. Enough said.


  1. Your commentary about the last book cracks me up. I completely understand because, well, Clifford is a big part of our lives too. :) I think I'll look for this one because M would love it and I'm looking for some non-scary Halloween books for him. Thanks!

  2. We just bought this Halloween book through Scholastic. Anna was on Clifford kick a few months back, and she liked puppy stories better than big dog stories. We also liked If You Take a Mouse to School and other books from this series, they are great. I am adding two extra entries (you added one yourself) to my giveaway.

  3. I haven't read that particular mouse series book, it sounds cute.


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