Saturday, October 10, 2009

G de Gato (Cat)

D requested to do another letter craft. In keeping with our Halloween theme this month we made a black cat out of the letter G. Look below the picture to find some helpful words in Spanish that go along with this craft.

Black cat- gato negro
Eyes- ojos (don't forget the the "j" makes an "h" sound
Nose- nariz
Mouth- boca
Ears- orejas
Whiskers- bigotes


  1. Thanks for visiting!

    I'll be using your blog for some helpful Spanish-teaching tips.

  2. He is really into the letters lately - that's so great! I love this one!! It reminds me of a song we sang in elementary school - Don Gato. :)

  3. I hope you keep posting all your letter crafts! I'm going to need Spanish letter crafts soon. The cat is adorable:)

  4. What a cute Gato! What a gift to give your kiddos--to be bilingual!

  5. me encanta, me encanta, me encanta! i was a spanish teacher and i want to teach my kids a bit of spanish but they've been resistant! i think your site will help a lot! thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. I love this!! Love your blog too. My first time here, via Superheroes and Princesses!

    So many great resources!


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