Monday, October 5, 2009

Plastilina hecha en casa (Homemade Play-doh)

It was a raining afternoon and M took an early nap so D and I made play-doh or in Spanish "plastilina." We used to make it every couple of weeks because D LOVES play-doh. When M got old enough to sit with us but not old enough to not eat and throw play-doh everywhere, I put it into retirement for a while. Today we made a big batch and divided it into three bowls. I let D add red and yellow to one bowl, yellow and blue to another bowl, and red and blue into the third bowl. D loves to mix colors and I figured that anaranjado (orange), verde (green), and morado (purple) were Halloween colors anyway. :) If you would like a recipe in English click here. (I like recipe #1 best.) If you would like a recipe in Spanish click here.

M is making that face because play-doh does NOT taste good. M apparently still hasn't outgrown eating the plastilina. :)

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