Thursday, October 22, 2009

Learning Through Love

Susana at My Family, My Forever has started a new weekly link-up called Learning Through Love. I am excited to participate. This week was very busy since we spent most of it out of town playing and visiting my parents. Most of our learning involved the outdoors since my parents have a huge back yard. We played in the leaves, hunted for bugs, collected acorns and rocks, and played in the mud. We also found time to visit another pumpkin patch. Here are a few pictures of our fun (and learning).

D is looking for the perfect pumpkin.
M loved to roll around the ground and get VERY dirty. That's my boy!
M was fascinated with the leaves.
My niece is looking at a praying manthis that we found in the apple tree. Can you see it?


  1. Thank you SO much for linking up today!

    I hope you enjoyed your time with family. LOVE the picture with the pumpkins. And, no, I cannot see the praying mantis:-). My son says he can, but who knows:-)!!

  2. wow I almost couldn't find the praying mantis! looks like you had a lot of fun in the pumpkin patch :)

  3. It looks like everyone had fun. I believe I can see the praying mantis.

  4. Outdoors learning is the best kind. Especially if you are a little boy. And no, I cannot see the praying mantis.

  5. Love the Pumpkins! Kids and Pumpkin picking are a great match for an outdoor activity.

  6. Great pics. It looks like you've had a fun week.

  7. I remember being fascinated with praying mantis when I was a child too. :) I love the pictures of all of them outside having fun. Rolling around and getting dirty is one of my M's favorite things to do too. Boys! :)

  8. We love being outside too and exploring the world. The rolling picture of M is so very cute.


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