Thursday, October 1, 2009

What my child is reading...

M is about to turn 18 months (my, how times flies) and is very into books right now. D has always been a book worm but M just started to sit down with books for more than two seconds. Today I am posting a couple of M's favorite books this week.
Muu. Bee. Asi fue is a book about different animals and the sounds that they make. We have liked all of the Sandra Boynton books. You can read them in English and in Spanish. They are board books which are great for my Mr. Destructo.

¿Dónde está el ombliguito?

Este no es mi perrito is a must-have for babies. Each page shows a different dog and explains that it can not be my dog because (for example) it is has soft fur and then the child can actually touch the soft fur. These books are available in English as well.


  1. We have the first 2 and we have Este no es mi osito! We have similar taste! I love these books! Buenas Noches, Gorila is also my youngest favorite right now!

  2. It's funny that I can recognize all those books without speaking a word of Spanish. I bet by now they are translated into my native Russian as well - they are great reads for all toddlers. Thanks for linking to me!

  3. We have the puppy book! In English, of course. I love all you do with your boys - they are so lucky to have you!


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