Friday, December 18, 2009

Diego's birthday-Last year

I can not believe that my baby boy is about to turn four years old. He is growing up so fast that I am really trying to appreciate every minute with him. Last year we had a dinosaur birthday party for Diego. He was (and still is) a HUGE dinosaur fan. I was not blogging back then so I would like to share some photos from that day.

My wonderful suegros (in-laws) brought Diego this Triceratops piñata. It is his favorite dinosaur. Can you tell that he liked it?

I made Diego this volcano cake and decorated it with a set of plastic dinosaurs. We used a little dry ice in a shot glass to make it smoke. This was also a BIG HIT!

Next week...... a pirate party!


  1. What a fun party idea! I love the dry ice in the volcano!

  2. So cute...if I have a little boy, I may just have to steal your idea :)

  3. It's fun to see how our children grow over years. We are going to a pirate party for a 4 year old in early January too - must be popular with boys :)

  4. Wow! That's the biggest pinata I've ever! What fun grandparents he has :)

  5. those are awesome birthday photos! coolest cake ever!

  6. What an impressive pinata. I can imagine how excited all of the guests would have been to see your awesome cake with smoke coming out of the volcano.

    The plate making kits are such a great idea. I love gifts that children create and then become keepsakes.

  7. A pirate party has so many fun things you could do. I can't wait to see what you do for a pirate party. We did a knight party last year, and all the kids got foam swords for their party favor.


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