Saturday, December 5, 2009

Feliz Navidad- D's Christmas Show

This morning D had his Christmas program at his preschool. The two year olds cried, the three year olds kids danced and sang to Christmas songs (en español of course), and Santa even made an appearance. I was very proud of D. A year ago I know that there is NO way that he would have stood in front of the crowd at all, let alone sang and danced. This picture is of D dancing to the song "Los peces en el rio" (The fish in the river) which is a very traditional Christmas song in Spanish. I have more cute pictures of the program but they include other kids in his class and I do not want show their pictures without their parents permission.

This is the first picture of D with Santa since he was 11 months old. He has refused to sit on Santa's lap since. Today we told him to ask Santa for what he wanted. He asked Santa for Legos and Transformers.
This is M's first picture with Santa. Since D was so against last year, we just skipped it for both of them. He did pretty good but I do think the concerned expression on his faces says a lot.


  1. I think both boys did great sitting on Santa's knee. We took the girls to see Santa today, and the closest we got was Sofie holding his hand!
    D looks adorable in his costume for the Christmas performance :-)

  2. Aww - those pictures with Santa is so cute.

  3. Aww! I love the pictures with Santa! They both look so cute!

  4. This is too cute--thanks for the book! We got it Saturday! Juliet has been practicing her spanish! When you get a free moment, could you email me the "rules" of the pay it forward game? I think I know, but want to make sure. thanks, again!

  5. Hi Adriana, I haven't seen an email from you with yoru postal address from my blog giveaway?


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