Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow in Texas??

I never would have thought that I would see snow in our neck of the woods, let alone on Christmas Eve. The day before we were playing in the yard in our t-shirts. It was truly a Christmas miracle. Diego has only seen snow once in his life and this was the first time for Mateo. It was not a lot of snow compared to other places in the country but we could not have been happier!


  1. So very jealous! By the way - I gave you an award on my blog -

  2. We got to see the remains of that snow when we came up to the in-laws on Christmas day. It was crazy.

  3. We were driving on Christmas Eve in Texas and although I-10 didn't get any snow (maybe some on the ground next to the road?) after I-20 came together with it, we kept finding cars that were covered with snow, and it was definitely cold enough the snow did not melt!

  4. You must live near us, the t-shirts one day and the snow the next sound familiar! Glad to see your kids enjoyed it a bit more than mine did!


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