Thursday, December 3, 2009

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with.

Today's Toys my children ACTUALLY play with post is dedicated to my son's love of all building materials. Given a choice my son would spend about 50% (or more) of his waking hours building something. I try to provide him with a variety of different materials to make his towers, castles, boats, spaceships, and, of course, robots. Some of his favorites are megablocks, wooden blocks, and Legos. My husband is in the process of building him a Lego table for his birthday. Here are a few pictures of some of his creations.
Do you have any toys that you would like to suggest? If so, please link up or leave a comment below.
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12/31 Last post. What did your kiddos get for Christmas and do they ACTUALLY play with it?


  1. I am sad that Toys linky will close. I loved looking through the links and reading all the reviews. We also love building things here, and Anna's big gift from us will be a Baufix starter set.

  2. Why does the linky have to close? At least, could it change to a "Toys my Kid played with this week" and we could highlight each week what our kid is loving! Kind of like the books read each week thread.

    And I doubt I'll be able to participate the last week cause of being out of town :(

  3. Wow he does a great job building!! I'm very impressed by your little guy - he is so creative in so many ways!

  4. Oh my... His a Great Builder!! Hola Adriana, tu chico se ve feliz!! No puedo esperar a ver la mesa de construccion de Lego!!!!

  5. Love his Lego tower. That is amazing! Blocks are a big hit in our house too, and it's something both of my girls will play with!!

  6. that is an awesome towear and a cool plane! all my guy can build is a straight up and down tower! good job!

  7. Love the bottom Lego creation. We have Legos like crazy here.

  8. i agree, i think you should continue this series! i like seeing what kids are up to and i know we will have lots of new toys to talk about in just a few days!!!


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