Friday, December 18, 2009

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with.

This week has been SO busy. Christmas parties, finishing up school, and preparing for Christmas AND Diego's birthday. Diego has the unfortunate luck of having a birthday a couple of days after Christmas. Every year I toy with the idea of celebrating his birthday a few weeks before or after Christmas. I always change my mind because my parents, sister, and niece are already here for Christmas and they would miss his birthday party if I did it any other time. Anyways, I have been busy and did not get to the "Toy Recap post" yesterday. I am sorry if you were anxiously awaiting it. ;)

The boys' favorite toy for the last couple of days might surprise you. They have both loved playing with an old, worn out calculator. Mateo thinks that it is a cell phone and has had lengthy conversations with his Papi. Diego thinks that it is a videogame. If only I could continue making them believe that until they are about 16. I would save a fortune!

Against my best intentions, I have once again bought too many toys for my children. Some will be used for Diego's birthday and I think that I may save a few for Mateo's in a couple of months also. If you have NOT gone overboard on toys and still need some ideas, you may be interesting in these links for "Toys my children ACTUALLY play with." Please do not just look at the post, but also check out the links and comments to find other great ideas. I am including this post from my giveaway because there are LOTS of great toys ideas here as well.

One more thing. I had some very nice ladies suggest that I keep the "Toys" MckLinky going after Christmas. Since I imagine that we will have lots of new toys to review after Christmas, this post will be back in two weeks. If you have a toy that your child loves, there will be a MckLinky up on the 31st.


  1. Ha! My kids do the same thing!

  2. oh i hear you about the overboard situation! we are def. in that boat. i was just thinking this morning that i might hold one back for an "after xmas dinner" present and another for a new year's day present! maybe i should go all multi-culti and even save one for a 3 kings day present!

  3. I am glad that you will keep the linky going! I feel for you on having both Christmas and birthday to prepare for. One of Anna's small presents from Santa is a calculator that I got at $1 of Target. I think she's going to be as delighted as Diego is with his.

  4. I like that you are keeping it going!

    We are seriously limiting Christmas gifts from us this year. The kids have way more than they play with, so we're giving Mr. Potato Head and another gift...along with Little Miss Bossy...a shirt for each, and that may be it!

    They will get plenty for the grandparents!


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