Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Math- Number Recognition

I found this great website that describes Four Preschool Goals for Math.

Colors and shapes

  • knows about colors and shapes
  • identifies 6 colors
  • identifies 4 shapes

Create a two-piece pattern

  • creates and understands two-piece patterns

Compare objects

  • uses words to make comparisons (bigger, biggest, smaller, smallest, heavier, heaviest, etc.)


  • Can count to 20
  • Can count a group up to 8 objects
  • recognizes numerals 1 - 10

I have used these goals to help me plan out some Preschool Math activities this month. I figured that using Christmas as a theme can make anything fun-- even math.

Here is our first game:
Number Recognition 1-20
Do you recognize this? It is an empty Christmas ornament container.

I cut out the numbers from 1-20 using green and red paper and taped them to the bottom of the container. To play the game, D stood a few feet away from the box and tossed an object (we used dice) into the box and he had to name the number with the dice.
Younger children:
Color Recognition
Leave off the numbers and just put different colors in each square.

Older children:
Write down the numbers and add them up.
More or Less
Throw two dice into the box and figure out which number is larger or smaller.


  1. Thanks for sharing those goals! It is always nice to be reminded in what direction I should be moving with B. Sometimes I am all over the place. =) Very fun and clever game!!!!

  2. Thanks for these goals. I need to work on counting with Bear. This is a great game. Will try t do this tomorrow.

  3. what a cute game! and i love those math goals- it is just SO NICE to know what our kiddos should be learning at each stage!

  4. definitely need to work on the pea's number recognition and counting! thanks for the idea!

  5. and i linked to this post today, too!

  6. Okay, so this post really encouraged me because I was thinking my kids are so behind in counting, but it helped me realize they're probably just where a preschooler should be. I'm checking out that link soon.

  7. Thanks for listing the goals and for the link to that site too! And this counting game is perfect! Great post!!

  8. This is a nice idea. Thanks for linking to the Christmas Fun Round up too.

  9. I linked you in my post scheduled for Monday.


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