Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Candy Activity #1- Sorting Smarties

On Sunday I asked for help with ideas of what to do with all of the Halloween candy that we amassed this year. I have had several great ideas sent to me. This idea came from The Land of Pleasant Living. Danita suggested that we used some of the candy for a sorting activity. You could use Skittles, M &M's, or, in our case, Smarties. The first time we played I put one Smartie of each color in each muffin tin. D then sorted through the Smarties to put them in the correct tin. After he caught on, he was able to do the whole thing by himself. More Post Halloween Candy Activities coming this week.


  1. looks good! i just remembered you can do the same sort of thing but it's like a "memory" game. put matching pairs of smarties underneath cups and mix it up "shell game style." then, the kids take turns turning over two cups at a time, if the colors match, they get to eat the candy!

  2. Hola Adriana!! I tagged you on my blog, on the 8 questions of meme... si puedes...no te sientas obligada!!!

  3. Hi Adriana

    Sorting is always fun with food. Perhaps you could invite some friends over and have the children use the candy to decorate biscuits or cakes - they could make faces, monsters or whatever tickles their fancy.

  4. Hi Adriana

    I just saw this link in a comment that someone posted on a blog (Nettacow) and it reminded me of your earlier post about ideas for using up Halloween candy. The link is:


  5. We have tried this activity with M&M's...we will have to try it with smarties...(we have lots left over!!!)


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