Saturday, November 21, 2009

What my child is reading...

Many of my cyberbuddies have been studying dinosaurs lately so I decided to include some of our favorite dino-books this week for What my child is reading over at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns. D has been dino-obsessed for well over a year now. (I will soon post pictures of his very cool dinosaur-themed birthday party from last year.) Every week is dino-week around here so here are some (there are too many to list all of them) dinosaur books that we love.

Los Dinosaurios (Mi Pequena Enciclopedia)

If you are a Spanish-speaking family, I highly recommend this series of books, "Mi pequeña enciclopedia" (My little encyclopedia). We own several about pirates, insects, and jungle animals. At $3.99 a piece, I think that they are a great deal. They are great for teaching vocabulary about a certain topic.
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Cómo juegan los dinosaurios con sus amigos?

This is an entire series of books that your child might like if they are afraid of the scary dinosaur books. In each book the dinosaurs are shown as if they have the same problems that children have, like not wanting to share, not wanting to go to bed, and not wanting to clean their room. D absolutely loves the book below that translates to "How do dinosaurs play with their friends?" All of these book are available in English.


Vivió algún dinosaurio cerca de tu casa? (Did any dinosaurs live close to your house?)

This was the very first dinosaur book that we ever owned. I include it because before D I had no idea how to talk about dinosaurs in Spanish. This book helped me a lot with some much needed vocabulary.

Product Details

Life-sized Dinosaurs

Warning: If your child scares easily, this is NOT the book for you. My mother bought D this book for his birthday last year. Like I have said D is fascinated by dinosaurs and not at all scared. This really is a cool book. It is very large so that they can show pictures of a life-sized T-Rex mouth (it folds out), another dinosaur's claws (the name escapes me but I am sure that D would know), and a dinosaur egg. It even came with a poster of the T-Rex mouth as shown on the cover of the book and D has it above his bed. :)


Danny and the Dinosaur

My mother passed this book on to us recently. There are newer versions but we have the old version written in 1958. I can still remember my mother reading this book to me when I was little. Since the book is in English, my mother saved it and read it to D when she was visiting recently and he LOVED it. It is about a little boy, Danny, who wishes that he could play with a dinosaur while visiting a museum. A dinosaur hears him and comes to life. They leave the museum to play and explore the city. It is a simple book with a lot of repitition so D was able to understand most of it, even though his Spanish skills are still better. I did, however, notice while I was cruising through Amazon that they now have a Spanish version of this book. He may just get it for Christmas.



  1. read 'the day dinosaurs came with everything'--very funny!

  2. I am so jealous that D can easily understand books in Spanish and in English. You have great selection - we liked How Do Dinosaurs... too here.

  3. Great selection of dinosaur books!


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